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    I have completed my prereqs for nursing. I failed one of the anatomy and physiology courses. I haven't retaken it yet as they are both expired now. I really want to get into the RN program at BCIT. However, they are really competitive. I emailed admissions and they said that almost everyone who applies has a bachelors degree or a certificate or diploma in science or the health field. I am planning to apply to the Health Care Assistant Program for September of 2018 at either Douglas College or VCC in the hopes of getting into BCIT in a few years. However, I am on the brink of failing two elective courses ( Health and Fitness and Anatomy and Physiology). I am working more than full-time and have almost no time to study. I've had a really hard year and I am trying to work as much as possible now because I want to have as little student debt as possible. Do I ruin any chance of getting into any nursing school (not just BCIT) if I fail these courses? If I do really well in the HCA program will the nursing admission committee be able to somewhat overlook the courses I have failed or done poorly in?I have wanted to go into nursing for a long time but it seems like there are so many obstacles... Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.
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  3. by   Nurseinprocess
    If you are trying to get into a competitive nursing program your GPA is going to be important. I don't think anyone will care how well you do in a nurse assistant program, it is definitely not as difficult as actual nursing school. If you are on the verge of failing two classes now, how will you do better in the future? If you don't have time to put into your prereqs and get good grades how will it be different if you start something else?
  4. by   Sour Lemon
    The HCA program will not make up for failed prerequisites. Even programs with a lottery system have minimal requirements that you're very unlikely to meet under your current circumstances. A competitive entry program acceptance would be less likely than finding a unicorn. I wouldn't even bother applying, especially if there's an application fee.
  5. by   Triddin
    In order to apply to BCIT, you need to have all the pre-reqs completed. I do not believe they will accept your application otherwise. Experience in the health care will help strengthen your application, but grades are important as well. Since you aren't plannng on applying for a few years, can you drop the courses, and do them one at a time while you work on being a care aid?