Nurshing scholarships

  1. Im at a crossroads, and need some help. I am an lpn currently in school for transition to RN. I am running out of cash ideas,my current employer will pay for school,but I have to sign a contract, and I dont want to be endentured to them.Finacial aide pays some, but with all the other life expenses, I have given to squeezing rocks(HA) and can find no more money .I hate to take out loans but it may come to that. Do any of you know if organizations like ANA or others offer scholarships?I appreciate your input.Thanks
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  3. by   P_RN
    Look on the site I posted on the new commercial thread.

    There are several hundred scholarships listed. Most are restrictive but a few are general.

    I assume you have looked into student loans and grants?
  4. by   bedazzled
    Check with the Institutes of Higher learning in your state. They sometimes have funds for education.