Nurses Week Celebrations

  1. This is one of the best ideas for celebrating Nurses Week that Ive seen in a long time - forget the gimmicky hand-outs from their employers - These nurses are celebrating themselves - and in a way that will make a difference. A great idea:

    PA State Nurses Association Celebrates Nurses Week with State Flair

    On the morning of May 6, Nurses Day, Pennsylvania State Nurses Asociation (PSNA) staff and volunteers from neighboring PSNA districts, will deliver gifts (white, ceramic coffee mug stuffed with assorted candy and a brochure called "Where are all the Nurses? Facts, Figures, and Information on Today's Nursing Shortage") to all state legislators and the Governor.

    At Strawberry Square there will be distribution of antibacterial phone pads to the general public, blood pressure screenings, with information regarding the nursing shortage. Also it will be the kick off for PSNA's Courage, Commitment, Compassion Award.

    Lori Anne Artz
    Director, Communications Program
    PA State Nurses Association >>
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    PSNA does have good ideas...can't attend due to other's vcacation next week. Hope it sirs up debate and passing of needed legislation re MOT.