Nurses Week Appreciation

  1. Here's something I got at work today. It's an adition to my earlier thread response about cheap employers.
    Every nurse received a lunch bag that said "I'm Appreciated" Inside there were several little items and this letter.

    In honor of Nurse's Appreciation Week: virtual nurses survival kit: Lifesavers-to remind you of the many times you've helped others. Snickers-to remind you that laughter is the best medicine. Candle-a remembrance of Florence & all those 11-7 shifts.

    Tissue--to dry those tears-yours & others
    Starburst-for that burst of energy you'll need at the end of the day. Button-to remind you that sometimes you must button your lip.

    Lollipop--to help you lick everyones problems.
    Marbles-to replace the ones you lost when they "capped" you.
    Hand lotion-to remind you that you too need a little TLC, & to wash your hands.
    Bell-to remind you that not all music is a call light.

    Bandaid--to remind you of the hands on care you give.
    Mounds-to remind you of all the charting left to finish.

    Hugs&kisses--take one q.i.d. because you deserve them.
    Playing cards--to help you read minds & figure out what that Doctor really means by that order.
    All items were put in this bag. I think that my new employer does in fact appreciate the work we nurses do.
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  3. by   nightingale
    How nice...
  4. by   MPHkatie
    That sounds like an extremely creative gift. We got gym bags which were nice, but certainly didn't have the personal touch of what you describe.And, it probably didn't cost them a pile of cash, but what nice thoughts, and understanding ones, I love the mounds bars!!!!
  5. by   Catie
    We got a candle, perfume, bubble bath, a shower spongy thing, a coffee mug it was really nice. I actually felt somewhat appreciated.
  6. by   shsim
    The hospital I work for did nothing more than throw cheap tote bags at us! Who doesn't have a closet full of these? No thank-yous, No we appreciate you..etc. 1 banner in the whole place recognizing nurses week. I am furious and feel we should address this issue with the administration by shredding those damn tote bags and returning them. Can I get any other the nurses behind me? NO! They feel the same way but have this oh well ...attitude. That is exactly the problem with us..we don't DEMAND respect..we just give in and think this is the way it has to be. For God sakes nurses..WHERE IS YOUR BACKBONE???? We are a very much in demand commidity...when are we going to realize this and ALL pull together and use our power?????
  7. by   Nursinrox
    "The first great gift we can bestow on others is a good example"---Thomas Morell---

    I belong to our student nurses association and I am currently the Image chair on the Nebraska State nurses association. I along with other members decided it was time we show the faculty how much we appreciate them! (Again, the hospital or School did nothing for our nurses!)
    We decided to see if we could go out to local business's and get what we needed in donation, and surprise---It worked!
    We had two local Italian resturants offer to donate a full meal, salad, bread, entree for up to 20 people, which was perfect, as we have approximately 40 faculty. We got a local grocery store bakery to donate a cake that said," Thanks for being a Nurse educator. Happy Nurses week from student nurses org." We called aroung and got donations for door prizes. Things such as: Free massages, oil changes, tanning, pedicure, salon products, dinner for two at a fancy hotel resturant, pizza's , flowers, workout sessions, uniform store, merry maid -free cleaning session,etc. We also got the cafeteria to donate and set up the place settings, and all drinks. This event did not cost us a dime!! We tried to limit the number of people that had to know about it (secret to staff) and held it in conjuction with a faculty meeting the staff was already having on friday. All they knew is, was that lunch was being provided. We put tables together in a sit down family style setting and had the food in a buffet-like set up, and served them what they wanted to drink, took their plates etc. (waited on them) You should have seen the look on the faculty s faces. many of them were actually moved to tears -no exageration--and some more than once , when telling us this had never been done before,nothing like this had ever been done for them! The director of our nursing school was so proud of us and I think she saw what a smile it put on their faces to know how much we cared! We also wrote a little speech telling them how much we respected them for choosing the profession of nursing, and to be a nurse educator! They choose to set great examples they are role models, and cultivate in us leadership, dignity, assertiveness, and integrity. Thanked them for their long hours, patience, understanding, and overall ability to mentor. We had truly raised the bar was one comment that was made, I simply said well you guys deserve it you work hard, and sometimes the bar needs to be raised! I don't think there was a room full of nurses more surprised and truly appreciative thoughts that day! And it cost us nothing but our time. I hope that other nursing students will see this, and think about holding such an event at your schools. I believe we need to be an example....take the lead and others will follow. Everyone needs warm fuzzies and this profession needs a million a one every day if we are to prevent nurse burnout and shortage in the future!!! take care This is my ripple......I hope it turns into waves!
  8. by   traumaRUs
    We didn't even get recognized for Nurses Week - our hospital celebrated "Hospital Week", gave out tote bags, but they ran out before they got to night shift!!!????
  9. by   mtgirl63
    Now that's a neat idea!!!!!