nurses need more support

  1. I am a male nurse on an oncology floor and the thing that disturbs me most of the time is how unsupportive nurses are toward other nurses (especially new grads).Nurses are quick to kiss up to doctors but are also quick to throw their fellow colleagues under the bus.This practice have to stop.Remember that doctors wil always cover for each other b/c it usually makes good business sense (consultations etc.). We c/o nurses shortage but what about new nurses that are quitting the profession because of the hostility that is displayed toward them.I also am well aware that you need a thick skin to make it in nursing and the more adversity that you can endure usually makes you better nurse but also remember we need to protect our young ones.Am I alone on this?Another thing that is frequently observed is the constant backbiting.If a nurse makes a mistake the prudent thing to do is to pull them aside and let them know what you have witness and suggest what could have been done differently.We know some nurses are not readily open for correction but you would have to assess the situation.Some situaion has to be written up, which is understood but sometimes just a moment of teaching can go a long way.Some may say that it is not our position to address other nurses it is the responsibity of the nurse managers but as I said assess the situation.
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  3. by   Tweety
    This type of behavior has definately has to stop.

    We're accountable however and we get as much crap as we're willing to take.

    I'm happy to say in my experience, it's not everyone, and the backbiting is not "constant". The good nurses far outnumber the bad. But the bad make it really bad.

    I agree, the best approach to problems is one-on-one.

    Good luck to you. It sounds like you work in a very toxic situation.
  4. by   jjjoy
    It sounds like you've had some bad experiences. You certainly aren't alone in your feelings. If you follow these boards for awhile, you'll see it's a recurring theme.

    Maybe you can share some specific experiences and how you think those issues should have been handled versus how they were.

    It's frustrating to work in an unsupportive environment. ff you can, maybe you want to look for another job with a better work environment. You may run across the same type of problems, but if you've worked in a variety of different places, you'll be better poised to see which problems are more related to the individual organization or set of employees and which are more pervasive across nursing as a whole.
  5. by   Roy Fokker
    Quote from Tweety
    I'm happy to say in my experience, it's not everyone, and the backbiting is not "constant". The good nurses far outnumber the bad. But the bad make it really bad.
    As limited as my experience is - I agree with this sentiment as well.

    In fact, when I was orienting, my co-workers stood up for me against some of the more condescending/arrogant surgeons.

    As a new orientee - I can't tell you how much of a boost it gives your confidence when someone who has 35+ years of experience on the job stick up for a greenie like yourself!