nurses' job???

  1. I was really curious to know what other contries hospital practise as a nurse. Of course I know that nurses do nursing care to the patient and follow doctor' round and plan nursing care to the patient. What would I really want to know is did nurses do bill ? do outpatient appointment for the patient when discharge? chase after the patient family members to top up the bil or what ever outstanding bill in order to let the patient to proceed the operation? is that our job? well....I ask because I was really frustrated with the responsible had been given by the hospital. it is too much!...did u agree with me?...we as a nurse suppose to concentrate to the patient need.....not the hospital need!!! They will look for us when the operation is proceed while the bill is not up to date and it was standardized that Register nurse must do appointment to the patient. so...what the clerk is doing in the hospital?.......shaking their legs??:angryfire
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  3. by   TazziRN
    We have nothing to do with the billing, we have a billing department for that. Our job is strictly patient care, not administrative stuff. We help Billing by making sure all items and procedures are properly charged, but we are not responsible for getting payment from the patients.