Nurses In Need

  1. NURSES HOUSE --- a national fund for nurses in need

    When hardship strikes, it is especially difficult for those of us accustomed to giving care to seek support from others. To help nurses in need, Nurse's House extends short term financial assistance to registered nurses in difficulty as a result of injury, illness or disability.
    For history, more details, and application for assistance, see
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  3. by   KeniRN
    Thank you jt.
    I never knew there was an organization like this. Its comforting to know they are there if we need them.
  4. by   -jt
    Nurses House started out as a real country house on Long Island, NY - a retirement home run by nurses for elderly nurses in the 1920s. Way back then, nursing was all private duty & the nurses lived with their private pt - had no life or family of their own. When they were too old or sick to take care of the pt anymore, many had no place to go - & so NY nurses established Nurses House for them. Nurses no longer live there and its evolved into a national fund affiliated with the ANA & New York State Nurses Association, but serving RNs in need in all 50 states. Its slogan: "Nurses Helping Nurses."

    If I ever win the lottery, this is my number charitable organization Ill donate to. For now it just has to get by with my few dollars a year, but every little bit helps.