Nurses in medical school

  1. I am thinking about going to med school. I think my background as a nurse would help me be a better doctor. Has anyone heard of RN's going to med school. I would like to know if med schools would like that or look down on it. Any thoughts?
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  3. by   elcue
    I have known a couple of nurses who went to medical school. I agree that a nursing background may give a doctor a different, and valuable, perspective on patient care.
    I don't know whether medical schools have any particular point of view on this. But I think that if you are drawn to this, you should pursue it. If you don't, you will always wonder whether you might have made it and whether you would have been happier as a doctor.
    Go for it! And good luck
  4. by   Larry77
    One of the docs in our ED had his BSN before he got into medical school. He said it was very difficult to find a school even willing to talk to him because he "only had a nursing degree". He said his background helped him tremendously in school and I believe has made him one of the best docs we have. I vote go for it and apply to every medical school you can find because you will get a lot of no's.
  5. by   staygold
    Some med schools in Africa have a nurse rotation in their curriculum where students basically "shadow" nurses for about 4 weeks. But personally I think you should apply.
  6. by   JenNJFLCA
    I say go for it! There's a nurse on my floor who just got her BSN and is now doing pre-med to get competitive. I think you'll make a better doctor, and what you know now will help you tremendously. When I was a nursing student I met a med student who was a nurse and she was helping her fellow classmate out, teaching her pointers about the charts, where to find phone #'s, etc. You'll have the edge over your classmates!
  7. by   obtech2nurse
    Thanks for the encouragement!!