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Hi all, Just want to talk about why it is some Nurses (not all for sure), go absolutely "ballistic" when another Nurse has to make out a medication error report when an error is found. ... Read More

  1. by   Mijourney
    Hi fiesty. Thanks for correcting me about quality management. Sometimes I have alot of typos in my post that I don't catch such as not instead of the intended now.

    Can you recommend a website that we can refer to on incident or occurence reports? Is this information that the ANA includes in their website?
  2. by   willie2001
    I wrote myself up the other day for a medication error. I gave my patient 80mg of Lasix po at 0800. our normal time for administering AM meds. For some reason, this patient's lasix was scheduled to be given an 0600 and had already had it. My brain was on automatic, and I gave it again The time was a deviation from our normal routine, but I should have been more careful. The patient suffered no harmful effects. I told the doc of my error and he said that it probably wasn't all that bad of a thing because the patient has pneumonia with bilateral pleural effusions. He diuresed 1500 cc. after the double dose!
  3. by   Norbert Holz
    I have made mistakes and was fired or put on the do not use list for the humanity of imperfection.
    We truly are disposable!
  4. by   P_RN
    One point I beg to differ. Doctors may not write each other up, but more times than I can count I have seen such (STOOPID) orders such as......and I am NOT kidding here.

    "INCIDENT REPORT STAT about ice bag with nothing but warm water in it"

    "INCIDENT REPORT about patient not having his chosen breakfast delivered....."

    And I still believe it's "tit for tat" as far as WHO gets written up.