Nurse Team Leader Interview

  1. I am scheduled to interview for a Nurse team leader position this Thursday.The position is in the hospital on the floor that I work but on the evening shift (I work nights.) I was wondering what type of questions to expect.
    I have worked as a relief team leader on nights so I am familiar with the duties of the position. I just hate interviewing and like to have an idea of what to expect.
    Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   cannoli
    I have no help to offer, sorry.

    Just curious though, as the same position is available at the hospital that I go to via agency, what are the duties? Is a lot of the staff LPN so that you have to do all the admission assessments, IV push, and whatever else only the RN can do, which in my state is quite a lot?

    Good luck with your interview!
  4. by   llg
    I'm guessing that the team leader position would involve a lot of on-the-spot problem solving. For those kinds of positions, a lot of people like to ask "What would you do if ...?" questions. So, I would prepare ahead of time by thinking through how you go about solving a problem ... assessing it, locating your resources, etc. Also, think of the types of problems you are likely to encounter so that you can discuss them intelligently and demonstrate that you are prepared to handle those types of problems.

    I also think it is always wise to be prepared to discuss your strenghts and weaknesses, learning needs, accomplishments, etc. Questions about these areas help the interviewer to assess whether or not you have "self awareness" and whether you are comfortable with yourself, confident enough to honestly discuss yourself, aware of your limitations, etc.

    Also be prepared to ask a few questions about the job. That shows that you are really interested in it and want to know more about it. Don't just focus on schedules, salary, etc., but focus on the patients, the staff, and the work itself. You want to demonstrate that you will do a great job because you are interested in that type of work -- not that you only want the job for selfish reasons.

    Good luck,
  5. by   bklynborn
    Thanks llg that is what I was looking for.......Cannoli, this is an RN supervising other RN's and nursing assistants. The duties involve, problem solving,assisting new grads in developing critical thinking skill, assisting with difficult lab draws,IV starts, and various procedures where needed, helping with admissions after the resource nurse leaves at 1900, coordinating breaks for staff, interacting with docs, and family members as needed, expediting discharges and quick room turnarounds (not so much on noc shift) noting orders for the nurses on the floor, making the assignment for the
    oncoming shift. I am sure I have overlooked a few dozen
    You are required to finish a ton of competencies online over the first 90 days that provide a wealth of information that pertains to the position.
  6. by   cannoli
    Thanks, it sounds like the staff is very fortunate where you work, to have someone in that position, instead of it being every man for himself.

    Good luck again!