nurse retention

  1. In our hospital, administration (or whoever oversees this) gives sign on bonuses to new hires (like most hospitals). Last year they gave staff people a retention bonus...I'm not sure how much maybe $1000. The pool people received nothing, nada, zip...even though some of us have been employed with this hospital in this position for >10 years. Do any hospitals anywhere give retention bonuses for pool employees? Just wonderin'
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  3. by   oramar
    Well depends on what you mean by pool. I once worked full time in a prn pool with benefits. I was the same as any other full time person but I had no regular assigned unit. In that case I would have expected the same bonus as everyone else. However, I have been in casual pools where I made the same as agency person, no benefits and I had control over my schedule like an agency person. In that case I would not have gotten a bonus anymore than an agency person would have gotten bonus.
  4. by   renerian
    I have seen loyalty bonuses in some of the health care magazines I have been reading. None in Columbus though.