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  1. Currently my facility is restructuring it's nurses to cut costs. It is a physician owned hospital. They are wanting to take experienced nurses (specialty nurses) and put them in areas that they are not used to working in. I am trying to get together literature relating to the liability of doing this and how it would damage the quality of care that the patients recieve. For example an obstetrical nurse taking care of cardiac patients. Not to put down the specialty nurses but I am looking at the quality of care they might recieve if they were taken care of by a experienced cardiac nurse. By the way I am an obstetrical nurse. Any information would be useful.
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  3. by   bikerdodd
    Nurses's Legal Handbook Page 101-103, regarding floating. In our hospital you have to have orientation on the floating floor to float there. If not contact supervisor, and up the ladder if necessary, protect yourself.
  4. by   mcrow
    The best I remember from the last survey I was involved in, JCAHO requires that nurses be properly oriented to areas that they float to. Of course, as long as it looks like it is done on paper, some facilities will fudge this as much as possible. Take care.
  5. by   CANRN
    Seems that is the trend these days, cut nurses and expect nurses to float to other departments. I have never done OB but am expected to go there. After all, NURSING IS NURSING ....that is the reply we get when we complain, Just like the surgical care nurses who are floated to our cardiac unit. Just amazing how specialty areas are no longer considered special. And to think, we had to attend special classes and be certified to be considered for a position in these units a few years ago! Personally, It's not worth my my license or what my husband and I have worked so hard to acquire all these years. I started my own home based business and left full time nursing and now work casual, At least now I can say NO and not get rolled on the carpet for it!

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