Nurse-pt ratios elsewhere ?

  1. I work on an ortho unit in a large hospital, a lot of hips, knees and backs. Our current ratios are 4-1 on days, 5-1 on evenings, 7/8-1 on nights, with CNAs having about 10pts each. Our supervisor has informed us that the ratios are going to change (more pts of course) which actually already happens when we are short staffed. I am wondering what other hospitals have. All the lifting and moving is taking a toll on my back evn though I work out a lot. Thinking of looking for another niche........ Any replies on your ratios would be much appreciated.
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  3. by   fifi9857
    On a medical floor in Anniston, Alabama--census is 36 patients--day shift is 6-7 patients, evening is the same (if staff is available), with night shift carrying 7 apiece, with one lucky soul having eight.

    Three PCA's on first, two on second and third. Second and third shift have to do eight baths, with the remainder on first. As charge nurse on third, my assistants do procedures and total cares to equal eight--every little bit helps.
  4. by   Sean 91
    Kansas hospital. Med-surg. 5-6 days. 8-10 (9 ave.) nights. I work nights.
  5. by   marcibz123
    Orthopedic floor in Florida here. 6-7 patients on days 7-8 patients on nights.
  6. by   obtech_doula
    I work nights at a rural MO hosp. Average pts on medsurg is 20 with 2 RN, 2 lPN and 1 CNA. The floor can hold as many as 27 pts and if you are lucky you might get some extra help if another unit is not busy. Thank goodness I work in ob and I only have to float over there to help out. I couldnt do that on a day to day basis.