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I'm sure I could find this on google but I want some feedback, as I understand a nurse practitioner is a masters in nursing therefore "above" an RN. Is this the case? does being a NP open more doors?... Read More

  1. by   DC2RN
    Quote from koan
    I know that you can have a PHD and still be flipping burgers and some guy that can barely speak can get to the top (look at Bush) but I always remind myself in this life of increasing competition of a little saying I heard from a Klingon "the higher the fewer"...
    It helps to have a bachelors from Yale and a MBA from Harvard, like Bush!
  2. by   natasha700
    What an eye opener. I always assumed you must have a masters degree to be a practitioner so I did some searching and found an Ob GYN PN you did not have to have a masters. As far as being above and RN sounds so separtist RN is the basis where most of us have started what is so wonderful is that we can add, enhance our RN to great heights if we want to. I eventually would like to be an advance practice nurse. Many of my co workers say, "You wont make any money!" It depends on how you look at it. Many of us work 3-6 days a week or payperiod to make ends meet. Well as a nurse practitioner I would not have to work as many days and make the same amount of money. My motto is to work less and make more. My personal time means more than money. I just thank goodness we are in a nation that RN doesn't have to be a dead end job there are so many opportunities for anyone who wants excel in excellence.