Nurse Pam?

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    Ive been a nurse for only 2 years and yes there is not a lot of respect for nurses. A lot of people think of us as maids or servers. Just the other day I got so mad because this visitor of one my patients was in the room, I was walking by and he starts yelling HEY!, HEY! I am like are you talking to me???? he is like when is his breathing treatment going to be over?? I am like sir, my name is Pam and I am HIS NURSE and I will call my respiratory therapist ok? GOSH!! I hate the way how people treat their doctors like God and their nurses like sh....
    I think we should be called Nurse Pam just by that it gives more respect to our profession.
    About the scrubs, I like the colors and prints, as long as they are clean and neat. APpearance mean a lot. I would not go back to the white dresses, that is old school and I think uncomfortable.
    I love nursing, but I wish society will gives us the respect we deserve and oh yeah, the Money too!!!!!
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  3. by   Tweety
    Hi Pam. It does seem that way when we have to meet every single need the patient has. Sometimes though it's the little things that can make a patient happy, keep him happy and quiet.
  4. by   gwenith
    Pam I, as an Aussie, a female and a registered nurse can legally claim adn use the title of "Sister". I have used it once with an old man who was visiting a relative. He kept calling me "girlie" and when I turned my back on him (I admit it was to stop myself from doing something I would have regretted) he told me "Girlie that is not a nice look" I straightened turned slowly and in the haughtiest manner possible told him that my CORRECT title was Sister!! He scurried away. Life is too short to worry about rude people. It is true that rudeness begets rudeness but the best we can do if we do not get given respect is to insist upon it, quietly, calmly and firmly.
  5. by   AHarri66
    Originally posted by Pamelita
    I think we should be called Nurse Pam just by that it gives more respect to our profession.
    Why not "Nurse Jones" instead?

    On the one hand, it adds more of an air of professionalism to the position. We call our doctors "Dr. Jones," not "Dr. Bob."

    On the other hand, I think using our first names makes us appear more approachable to the patients. Although, if a patient prefers to be called "Mrs. Smith," then I should probably be called "Nurse Jones."

    An old debate, I'm sure, probably visited many times on this forum, but one I still bandy about in my own head from time to time.