Nurse managers: what do you look for on a new grad resume?

  1. I am posting this here instead of the career board in hopes of catching the attention of more nurse managers.

    I am a new grad returning to the workforce after 10 years (raising children, then returning to school for my nursing degree). Do you, as a hiring manager, care about someone's past work history if they are a new grad? If not, would it make a difference if it is healthcare related? Is there anything that stands out to you on a new grad resume?

    I have my ADN and am starting in April for my BSN and do have that on my resume. If I include any detail about previous work history, it is impossible to keep my resume to 1 page. Most of the feedback I have gotten is that it is crucial to keep it to one page and am hearing mixed feedback about what nursing managers look for. The latest is that previous work history does not matter if you are a new grad looking for your first nursing job.

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  3. by   MrChicagoRN
    Yes, I care about your past work history. One, it shows you know how to work, and are more likely to have the EI to function in a work environment with a variety of people. Two, you may have developed work skills that will carryover to nursing. You should be able to keep it one page if you include only what is relevant.
  4. by   hiddencatRN
    The main rule about resumes is that there's no one right way to do a resume but many wrong ways. You hear mixed things because people will have different preferences. It generally seems like a good thing to include past career history in second career nurses. Fuss with what you include, the details, and the formatting and I think you can keep past history without going over a page.
  5. by   Blue Cat
    Thank you. I have applied to dozens of open positions and have yet to get called for an interview, so I am constantly tweaking my resume thinking there is something I have done wrong. I feel like my past work experience is valuable and demonstrates my ability to problem solve, work with physicians with demanding personalities, and that I have exceeded expectations in all of my previous positions. All good qualities, in my opinion. I'm just frustrated that others that I graduated with are getting hired and I have yet to even get an interview.