Nurse Imposters

  1. I am a diploma grad. in my last semester , about to graduate with BSN (fingers crossed!). I am working on a seminar presentation on the topic of nurse imposters, scope of the problem, measures taken by state bon's to prevent imposters, media stories about nurse imposters in the U.S.... Would be so appreciative of any info. that any "" R.Ns's might be able to contribute R/T the issue... Thanks so much for sharing your experience! :mortarboard: :
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  3. by   kat911
    I don't know about other states but go to the Texas Board of Nurse Examiners and look at the past newsletters, they list the nurse imposters and what they did and how they represented themselves. There are usually severa per year.
  4. by   Dalzac
    There are many ways now to keep imposters at bay, but only the live and learn ways.
    when I was younger this guy showed up one dayand said he was a nurse that had been hired to asst. our nurse manager. He came in every morning at around 6 am and disappeared after reading all the charts and leaving before the boss showed up, and coming back after 6 pm or so. Some days he would make a few decisions,check who was floating if they had to and tell them they could stay on the unit and and he would float for them. And then do it.
    This went on for a month until the boss showed up woth the board and asked if we knew this guy. and showed photos. Come to find out he interveiwed with her made a walking tour and showed himthe unit He never showed up with her a again and then she found out from the board that this guy had felonies in 5 different states for stealing narcotics and just taking off.
    We were floored and lots of changes were made checking with BON and references
  5. by   newbaby101
    Hi , thanks so much for responding. I have looked at some of the other states BON websites, the story that dalzac posted is outrageous!! thanks, hope there are others out there who have something to add!
  6. by   santhony44
    What I find amazing with some of those stories is how long the person managed to work without providing a legitimate license. When I worked in management, I verified licensure before I even talked with a prospective nurse.

    I would be very leery of someone who could not produce a license or whose license looked in any way peculiar.