Nurse credentialing...HOW? Money?

  1. I am graduating in 2 weeks from an RN program. HOw do I get credentialed? Do you have to wait 2 years to have experience? WHen a nurse has credentials, does it pay more???
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  3. by   Altra
    I assume you mean specialty certifications such as CCRN (critical care), CEN (emergency nursing), etc.

    You'll probably want to get at least a year of experience before pursuing certification. Being a new grad nurse, orienting in your first job, will be more than enough to "chew on" for a while.

    As far as extra pay ... this varies from facility to facility. My hospital pays $0.40 per hour for specialty certification.
  4. by   babynurselsa
    MOst of the credientalling agency have a required number of hours worked int eh previous year to apply for the exam
    CCRN requires 1750 hours in the previous 2 years.
  5. by   mtdnk
    The American Nurses Credentialing Center is another source of certification. You must practice for 2 years as 1 qualification for testing: