NTI - Merit Medical DualCap: Disinfection & Protection against CRBIs

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    Catheter-related bloodstream infections are a serious healthcare problem with a significant mortality rate and costing billions of of dollars to treat. Read about the solution invented by two infusion nurses that is quick and easy to use and is very effective in preventing CRBIs.

    NTI - Merit Medical DualCap: Disinfection & Protection against CRBIs

    The Merit Medical DualCap System was developed by two infusion nurses who understood the unavoidable shortfalls of the Joint Commission's "Scrub the Hub" protocol for preventing IV catheter-related bloodstream infections (CRBSI). CRBSIs are a serious healthcare problem which carries a 12 - 25% mortality rate and cost billions of dollars annually to treat. Many insurance companies and Medicare do not cover reimbursement as these are preventable.

    The DualCaps are designed to help prevent intraluminal contamination as well as cross contamination from other devices. The DualCap System disinfects both the male luer connector at the end of the IV tubing and the needle-free valve in just 30 seconds and provides a physical barrier for up to 7 days. It contains 70% isopropyl alcohol (IPA). It comes in male or female ends for different types of needleless connectors. This is the only male connector that protects while it prevents the IPA from entering the line.


    We've all struggled with tiny connectors that either don't open when we wear gloves or fly off into some corner of the room once we get them released! The DualCap has a large surface area to grasp and smooth edges to prevent skin tears or irritation. Within 30 seconds of use, your line is protected.

    While at NTI, the allnurses team talked to some of the Merit Medical staff about the DualCap System and watched a demonstration of how quick and easy it is to use.

    View the video below to see more about the DualCap System.

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