NTI - Looking For a New Stethoscope?

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    We all use stethoscopes, some more often then others, depending on your practice setting. What brand to buy? What color? How well will I hear with it?

    NTI - Looking For a New Stethoscope?

    Stethoscopes are a tool used frequently by nurses. We use them for lung sounds, heart sounds, auscultating bowel sounds, listening to dialysis accesses. And...many of us are on the look-out for the best stethoscope around.

    At NTI, we spoke to the 3M™ Littmann® Stethoscope representative to get the scoop on the latest Littmann stethoscope. They come in a variety of tubing colors and you can choose different chestpiece options for different models. From neonatal to adult, they come in multiple sizes too. And...don't forget the electronic stethoscope either. They use tuneable technology that changes the sound simply by changing the pressure utilized.

    This booth was incredibly busy during the entire NTI conference. They provided a sound source so that you could hear before you buy. And...don't forget the free engraving.

    Here is our interview:

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