NTI Interview with Dr. Cathie Guzetta

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    Is the presence of family during resuscitation important and appropriate? In the following interview, a nursing expert on the topic shares her personal experiences and viewpoint.

    NTI Interview with Dr. Cathie Guzetta

    Dr. Cathie Guzetta, author of Holistic Nursing, a Handbook for Practice and Pocket Guide to Holistic Nursing, and faculty at George Washington University School of Nursing received the AACN Pioneering Spirit Award at the 2016 AACN NTI Convention on May 16, 2016 at the New Orleans Ernest N. Memorial Convention Center. Dr. Guzetta who is a nursing mentor, consultant and award-winning researcher focused on the importance of holistic nursing care, received the Pioneering Spirit Award as the preeminent nurse expert on family presence and as the consummate mentor of pediatric patient care research by nurses at the bedside.

    allnurses.com had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Guzetta. Watch the following interview in which Dr. Guzetta shares personal experiences of having family present at the bedside during resuscitation.

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