NTI - If Florence Could See Us Now: Kathy Douglas, RN Interview

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    The Pioneering Spirit Award recognizes significant contributions that influence acute and critical care nursing.

    NTI - If Florence Could See Us Now:  Kathy Douglas, RN Interview

    Kathy Douglas, RN, MHA, was one of two recipients of AACN's Pioneering Spirit Award for 2017. According to the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses, "The recipients are directors of two insightful documentaries about nurses, one offering an insider's viewpoint, while the other presents an outsider-looking-in perspective. Both films showcase the valuable and varied contributions of nurses to patient care and the healthcare system."

    Kathy, a film-maker and former critical care nurse, was "recognized for her conceptual and directorial work on the documentary 'NURSES, If Florence Could See Us Now,' released in 2013." Through the film, Kathy paid her respect to nurses and her lifelong nursing profession by telling nurses' stories through their own voices, simply interviewing nurses with a camera to capture authentic, candid conversations.

    Allnurses had the opportunity to interview Kathy at the AACN's 2017 National Teaching Institute conference shortly after receiving the award. Nurses sometimes "lose the connection between why we do what we do," according to Douglas in the recent interview with allnurses' Community Manager, Mary Watts, RN.

    Kathy continued in the interview; "We are the most trusted profession" and we must be vocal about what needs to be changed in healthcare today and be strong patient advocates. Now is the time to bring our voices to the table." These comments serve as the basis of the award which according to AACN is; "Successful applicants exemplify a pioneering spirit, influencing the direction of acute and critical care nursing."

    In Kathy's words, "It's hard to find a life that has not been touched by a nurse."

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