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Just got back from our annual biggie... but instead of having it at the clinic and feeling like we were "at work" (especially for those of us on our day off), our NM held it at her house out in the... Read More

  1. by   AlaskanRN
    We are fortunate to have a fabulous NM also. We have staff meeting in our dept once a month. It is always a veritable food fest with contributions by most of the staff so we can munch while going over the month's business.

    As with jnette, our NM will go to the mat for us (I know this personally, because I have seen her do it on my behalf!) with administration, doctors and other departments. She very seldom has to come down on anyone in our dept, but if she does, it is most certainly deserved. On the other hand, once it has been dealt with, it is water under the bridge and we move along. She has the way she likes things done, but she is open to suggestion, and will freely admit when your ideas are an improvement over what is in place now.

    As you may have guessed, I also would rather throw myself on my own scissors than do anything that might disappoint her, and I believe it is the same for the majority of my co-workers. She seems more like the mother of a large unruly family, than a boss, and I feel most fortunate to work for this incredible woman.