Not sure if I have what it takes to be a cna?

  1. Ive wanted to pursue a career in nursing for several years and thought id start by getting certified as a cna.Im not sure if this is the norm but since I live very rural the hospital I checked into about classes sent me home with books to study for the exam(they are hiring but not giving classes.)Im sure I will do fine on the written exam but am a little nervous about the hands on part.If I pass Im afraid I might be be going into it unprepared for the actual job.Since I will be relying on getting ALL my experience from a book.How do I know if Im right for the job?I will be starting out in a nursing home attatched to the hospital and will work in the hospital when needed.Im excited about this but a little nervous too.Is this normal?
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  3. by   NurseKimberley
    Wow, that's a heck of a way to get into nursing. I am sorry they are doing that to you. You should find a facility that will give you the REAL classes--you have classroom didactic time, and also clinical time where you work on the floor with the instructor. In my opinion (and as a CNA class instructor) that's the only way to do it. I don't think you can just read a book and jump into this field. Maybe there's another facility that would do this. In Colorado, (I don't know about other states/places), the facility that hires you has to pay for classes (and not just hand you a book and give you an exam, unless somehow they're cheating). Just FYI.

    Congratulations on your desire to get into nursing--it's a good field.
  4. by   Krissy NY
    I am a CNA and also plan on going on to my LPN. I think that to be a CNA you have to care for people and demonstrate compassion and regard. You have to be responsible (your residents really depend on you) and attentive. From my experience you need a very thick skin to work with the other CNA's...I am in NY and I have worked with some of the roughest most catty awful women I ever dreamed. Remember..whenever you work with women it is going to be hard...especially if you are a good worker, attractive, ambitious, etc. Watch out! I feel the only downfall of this field is all the B*TCHES that are in it!!! I hope to never become one

    With extreme sincerity,

  5. by   Groovydogg
    I was a nurses aid fro about ten years before I became a BSN and I can tell you that the experience you get as a CNA will without doubt help you in nursing school as well as being a better RN. As you work as a CNA, you will see the difference between a non cna nurse and one who was one before she/he became an RN.