not sure if i have..........

  1. ....... done the right thing. as you all know i want to leave the hospital setting and go back to uni and qualify as a Health visitor. Well i saw a job advertised in local newspaper regarding an antenatal out reach worker and an outreach worker. The post says you only need your NNEB(nursery nursing). The wages are 3000 pa more than i am on now as a paeds nurse. IF i got the job i dont need my nursing, no nights no weekends. I am a qualified nursery nurse too. Would like the job but i know i will miss my nursing.The job as an outreach worker is not as stressed. Even though i have been qualified as a nurse for only 12 months, the stress, abuse off docs, parents and lack of staff and resources is getting to me. The other day i did my 14 hr shift and had only 30 mins break, came in the next day and same thing happened. (this happens frequently) I was so tired and irritable. I have a family of 3 young boys and hubby.
    The question is do i take the job of outreach worker (if im offered it) or carry on nursing and still go to uni? (have applied but still waiting to hear). Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
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  3. by   purplemania
    Take the job. Live your life. You can always go back to doing what you are doing now, if you find the new job does not suit you. Who knows? You might find it opens doors to other opportunities.