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  1. I'm a student at Platt College to be a Medical Administrative Specialist and I have learned a lot from reading what nurses have to say about the industry.

    I moved back from Georgia to California after a bad divorce and starting over once again.

    Agian, I'm a student and I only have beginner questions. This is definately a superficial subject from a lot of other more concerning topics regarding the medical field, but I hope that I can get a little information about the following.

    I have been reading about Crocs Clogs and wanted to know if you have some real information about them and using them in your field.

    I'm going to school with Medical Assistants and my mother is a diabetic. Some have asked me about these shoes and I haven't found any good information source other than "advertisement" info.

    I get A's and A-'s in all my classes and a lot of my fellow students come to me for advice and any information about all kinds of subjects. I like to know as much as possible about something that might help someone in the future, that's why I like the medical field. Of course, I would rather help someone with the written word instead of hands on like the medical professionals like nurses and MA's. That's why I'm in the administrative aspect of this field. It's a better fit for me.

    So back to the my little question. If anyone has some information regarding the Crocs Clogs with sound medical advise, I would appreciate it. Thank you.:studyowl:
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    If you're more interested in the administrative tasks of the medical field and less interested in the hands-on stuff, you might want to consider earning a degree in public health. My friend earned a B.S. degree in public health without much effort and worked as a case manager for the city.