Not sure I have what it takes to be a nurse

  1. I need help! I am a 31 year-old stay-at-home mom/college student with two children ages 8 and 12. I have reached the moment of truth in my college career and I MUST pick a major! I have been debating between Nursing, Teaching, and Community Health. Teaching seems to be the best match for my family, but I think I might get bored after a few years. Nursing definitely sounds the most interesting and it seems to have a lot of variety. Of course, I am concerned about the staff shortages, bickering, working holidays, and the physical and mental stress. Not to mention, the community college in my area has a two to three year waiting list and the BSN program had 125 students competing for 75 openings last semester. Each choice has its pros and cons, but for some reason nursing holds the highest appeal. My worst nightmare is being stuck pushing a pencil in some back cubicle somewhere.

    My biggest apprehension with nursing is I don't think I possess the right personality and skills for the job. On the positive side, I am very bright, have great intuition, common sense, compassion, and a mighty good sense of humor (Geesh, if I do say so myself). Unfortunately, I do tend to be more of the absent minded professor type. I am not very good at multi-tasking, I have terrible organizational skills, and I have a low tolerance for being treated disrespectfully... Oh hell, what I mean to say is I have a serious problem with authority so I know I am incapable of putting up with doctors and administrators treating me like an idiot. I know I am definitely NOT cut out for critical care or any area that demands extreme concentration, but is there anywhere in the profession where I might be useful, or are my shortcomings to insurmountable to even get me through clinicals? Thanks
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  3. by   tattoochick
    Well you definately have some good qualities that could make you a good nurse. But I have found that being organized and good with multiple tasks is a must. I'm only a student (only 12 months to go and counting), but I feel that if you can make it through school these days, then you can do anything. A lot of people I go to school with at my BSN program have kids, and they get stressed (but, that's just like everyone else). It goes by so fast and you have more opportunities to explore than most careers. I almost did teaching, but wanted something more challenging in the medical field. Plus, nurses are teachers. You have to teach your patients all the time about how to take their meds, how to manage their conditition, how to reduce stress, etc. You should try to shadow some nurses to get a feel for the profession more. I think it would be worth it. Also, if you have a somewhat-decent GPA, you can get into nursing school, no problem.
  4. by   mustangsheba
    Well, if you think you have trouble with authority, go back and read some of the posts by Wildtime (no slur intended, WT). If you decide you want to be a nurse, you will LEARN to be organized, as well as a lot of other skills that you may feel you don't have. Do you already know how to be a teacher or anything else you might major in? That's what you're going to school for, girlfriend! Tattoos suggestion that you shadow a nurse is probably the best thing you could do. I've haven't encountered any more disrespect in nursing than any place else. There is a lot of stress and you will have to work holidays, weekends, and maybe evenings and nights. On the other hand, you will always have challenges. If you really desire becoming a nurse, you will overcome your so-called short comings. Not everyone is cut out for ICU - that's a good thing. Let us know what you decide. Good luck!
  5. by   NurseJenn
    I commend you for going to college, I know it is hard with children. If you really want to be a nurse, go for it. There are so many options. You could even be a school nurse, which would combine all of your options. Good luck in whatever you do.
  6. by   mistersleepy
    I am a nursing student with 1 year to go before graduation. I got into the nursing program for all of the wrong reasons. However, once I got on the floor with patients I discovered I love it. I encourage you to take the above advice and follow a nurse for a few days. If your heart is saying that is the way to go, listen to it
  7. by   RNinMay
    Hi! I am graduating in less than 2 weeks! Going to nursing school help you to develop organizatonal skills and multitasking! I have children and so do lots of my classmates. We have all survived, luckily!
    There are ways to work around the weekend/holiday thing. Nurses have so many options. you could do school nursing, work for a Dr.'s office (though there you would do a lot of pencil-pushing and make a little less money),work in a surgery center, SO many things to chose from. And right now the opportunities are tremendous (one of the good things about the shortage).