Nosocomial infections and Precautions??

  1. I have recently returned to the bedside after 7 years of teaching nursing. I love being with my patients again. (I like to be opposite of the mainstream of life as a nurse--return when all are leaving) Anywho--I have noticed an increasing amount of patients with VRE, MRSA, ORSA etc. that are in pvt rooms on precautions.

    My question is this: I do not see many nurses using contact precautions. (gloves yes, but no gowns or masks when it is resp) I have found myself getting 'sloppy' at times because of workload and others lack of compliance. Is this a problem that is seen elsewhere??? If not--how do you protect yourselves and esp. visitors. They come in and see the nursing staff only wearing gloves when do all types of noninvasive and invasive care--so they don't even wear gloves. Am I being too paranoid? It seems that whenever I work we have at least 4-6 patients on isolation in a 26-bed unit.

    What do others do about this?
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  3. by   RNforLongTime
    I generally only wear a gown if there is a likelihood of getting bodily fluids splashed on me. I alwyas wear gloves and am diligent about washing my hands!