Non-traditional schooling opinions?

  1. i am seriously considering nursing but the waiting lists are 2 and 3 years at the community college and it also requires algebra what are some opinions on "non traditional" schools like this one ? have any of you worked with rn's that have attended this type of school and what do you think about the quality of the education?

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  3. by   traumaRUs
    I'm doing an ADN to BSN/MSN online through University of Phoenix (I've been an RN for 9 years). Several of my classmates have done the Excelsior route and love it. They do say though that you have to be very motivated and focused. However, everyone does feel that the education is there too. Good luck.
  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    There are LOTS of excelsior students around...

    Hey, perhaps a mod can move this one to the nursing student or correspondence school boards?

    might get more of a response there.

    I am no Excelsior student, but here is my take: frankly, i think you need TRADITIONAL schooling if you not already a nurse. You need that clinical experience. If a returning LPN/RN this is a truly viable option-----

    Ask the people using this program......see what they think. But like I said, you might get a better response in the student nursing boards.

    Personally, I waited 2 years to get into school. It was worth the wait and I got all my pre-req's knocked out (and an associates') in the process. Patience wins out.
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    thanks for the responses already! two things about waiting 2 years or more: i hate my stupid factory job and want out as soon as possible and i will be "40" years old this year and don't have more time to waste.
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    Why did you post this one twice?
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    I don't know about other nontraditional options, but you can't just decide to get your degree through Excelsior. You MUST have the clinical experience FIRST or you can't be accepted into the program. And starting last month you have to be accepted seperately into the Nursing Program before enrolling. It's a good way for an LPN or someone who couldn't quite finish their RN program to return and finish, and there are other health care professionals that are qualified because of the specific experience they have, but it's not just for any student who wants to become a nurse but doesn't want to wait to get into school.