non nursing bachelors degree instead of BSN?

  1. Hey All!

    I recently graduated in Aug. from an ASN program, have taken NCLEX and passed, and have my license. I thought during my ASN program I would just do a RN-BSN type program which wouldn't take long as I was enrolled at the State university for two years prior to starting the ASN program.

    Now as I research programs and whatnot I have been looking at non nursing bachelor's programs (online) and finding that these are much more appealing to me. One in particular that has caught my interest is an Occupational Safety and Health degree. The program is accredited through many agencies (which are the good accrediting agencies again?) and the classes seem right up my alley.

    Also I should mention I am very interested in the safety planning and other things that would be involved with this major. Have been very interested in Haz Mat, Bio Terrorism, and Fire Safety for many years (my dad is a county Em. Mgmt. coordinator).

    Basically will having this type of bachelors degree would put me out of the running if say I wanted some sort of nursing mgmt job and do you think that having both occupational safety and health along with an associates in nursing would be advantageous to finding a job within the planning realm?

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  3. by   suzanne4
    I don't see any problems with it. My BS is not in nursing and it has never kept me from doing what I want.