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i had a patient, non compliant, frequent flyer. refused blood work, refused heparin shot. nasty attitude, argumentative. manipulative. no one wants to take care of these kind of patients. other... Read More

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    non compliance is one thing, and it is a constant battle in all areas of healthcare to combat this problem.

    seeing someone as drug-seeking and having the attitude that goes with that viewpoint is really disturbing to me. remember that we are taught that pain is objective, and now is considered to be the 5th vital sign! if someone is in the hospital and the physician prescribes pain relief in whatever form, i fail to see how it is within our scope to withhold meds or reduce the dosage (for example, if the order reads 4-6mg, and the rn gives 4 based on his/her own conception of the patient's pain or lack of pain). the medicine is prescribed, in the amounts it is ordered, with phenergan or without, iv or otherwise.

    i have seen this attitude in the clinical setting- usually in older (more experienced) nurses, but now it's obvious that the same attitudes are in younger, less experiences nurses.

    who are we to judge a person's pain, whether they've been in our hospital or unit 1 time or 100 times? the physician's job is to manage care, ours is to implement, using our critical thinking skills yes, but not to the extent that we refuse to carry out the md's orders. our attitudes need to be checked at the patient's door, imo.
    i agree. but sadly, there are those who are well aware of the mantra "pain is what the patient says it is", and will manipulate it for all it's worth. and it's because of those people that many others get tagged inappropriately as "drug seekers".

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    i wonder why they keep admitting those kind of patients if they will be non compliant with their health care anyway?
    oh, that's easy.

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