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Tonight I worked a pm shift on my child and maternal health unit. 15 post natal mothers..2 on Synto for bleeds, one post op caesar, 1 having platelets for throbocytapenia. 3 bubs in special... Read More

  1. by   bewbew
    SCARY STUFF!!!!!!!!!!
    I take my hat off to you and the other staff members, but that's not the point is it, that is just outrageous........what kind of risk management/quality dept. does that hospital have in place??
  2. by   chrn
    I cannot even imagine!!
    I am not an OB nurse, have to ask...what the heck is "2 mother craft bubs with reflux" ? (I only understand the mother and reflux part...)
    Thanks, and you get a "supernurse" award for that shift!!
  3. by   amy
    Try reading post on nursing shortag article. You don't get by, you barely get by if you are lucky. And my family wonders why I left hospital nursing altogether... (sigh)
  4. by   cactus wren
    WOW !!! rn fom Oz...sounds like conditions Down under are as bad as here in the States... As I really don`t how or to whom you need to complain can`t really offer advice...but DO complain in writing to someone...that shift was a diaster waiting to happen...You and your coworkers did a marvelous hat`s( Stetson) off to you !!!!!
  5. by   RNforLongTime
    How's this sound? For this Saturday, our 30 bed CV/Trauma/Surgical ICU has 8 RN's scheduled! I'm not coming in unless they pay me 100 bucks/hour!
  6. by   RN from OZ
    I always put in a formal complaint whenever we are forced to work with this level of staffing.
    We just cannot find nursing staff due to the shortage.
    Legally we are required to have 4 midwifes on the floor at all times, a nicu person for the nursery and atleast 1 RN for the gyno Pts.
    None of us wants to be the ones on when it hits the fan big time, and we loose a bub or mum.
  7. by   DeniseLDRN

    That is down right dangerous and just PLAIN WRONG! I am a L&D RN and I also work postpartum, and that sounds like a nightmare from hell! Are you a float RN or is this the floor that you always work on?
    I was wondering if you had a charge RN on your shift that night? Did you have any LPN's on staff or any CNA's to help with patient care?
    If I were you I would be calling house supervisor, or your unit director next time your staffing does not match your acuity.
    Do you have an integrity officer at your health system, that is who we call for situations such as the one you described.
    I was also wondering if a report needs to be filled out on your baby with the apgars of 2/5, we have to do a "peers" report on incidents such as the one you described, and it is reviewed by administration. This type of situation is a law suit waiting to happen, I would find empolyment in a another facility with appropritate staffing based on acuity.

    Good luck