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I was admitted to a major hospital here in Houston. I layed in the E.R. for 7 hours waiting for a bed. When I was finally settled in comfortably in my room, the lady in the bed next to me told my... Read More

  1. by   mattsmom81
    Amy, what you call an 'attitude' on my part I call setting healthy boundaries. There is only so much patient care my unit can manage with 3 nurses on my 12 bed CCU with NO option to get more nurses.Please understand, I am an old ER nurse and do understand what is going on.. But when I am in ICU or CCU and ER starts pushing me to take more than my unit can handle safely I am obligated to set some limits. My BON mandates it.

    The answer to ER's problems will not include my staff in ICU taking 4 patients each and this is what we would have (in my area ) if supervisors and charge nurses nurses did NOT set safety limits. If your facility does not do this, then you are fortunate, my experience is that most WILL if they can get away with it.

    Another problem in my last facility...The ER medical director gets a bonus based on admissions and turn around time. So he and his staff attempt to push floors to bed capacity without taking into consideration the staffing situation. He gives the same speech you do, Amy, and I give the same answer ... One facility I used to work at made it against hospital policy to refuse admissions. I didn't stay on staff.

    I'm not angry at you, Amy, just firm in my conviction. I would like to see California's ratio mandate spread to all 50 states. Nurses are leaving the profession due to burnout, and we have a shortage...let's look at the reasons. Ok, I'll get off my soapbox....

    Peace! :kiss
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  2. by   amy
    Firstly, I would like to openly thank mattsmom for not taking offense to my response; I have seen it happen to others and boy, did I think I was gonna get it!!!
    Secondly, I do agree with mattsmom, NO ONE should be knowingly placed in an unsafe position, period. But, the fact is, it happens everyday. may not be in my facility or mattsmom's, but somewhere in our big ole lovable corner of the earth it is. In my facility, our director gets no bonus (as far as I know), and I wish every facility was as receptive as yours when staff respond due to unsafe conditions. As for CA's staffing ratios proposal, wouldn't it be nice if there was a policy that was intended to support the nurses and promote safe patient care in a realistic way?!?