NJ CHRC for PA License by Endorsement?

  1. Hello,

    I currently hold a New Jersey nursing license, and I would like to apply for a Pennsylvania license by endorsement. I have all the requirements, except for those in the section where you have to submit a Criminal History Records Check (CHRC) from every state you lived in. I've tried looking around for how to obtain a copy of my NJ CHRC, but no one has been able to answer, either online or through the phone. There are no clear directions.

    Do I have to contact IdentoGO, where I completed my fingerprints for the background check for my NJ license? Was I supposed to get a copy of my NJ CHRC in the weeks after I submitted my fingerprints? Do I have to complete another form, pay a fee, and set up an appointment? Am I supposed to click one of the two options under the Personal History Check, even though it says it's for personal use only? Do I have to drive to my local police department? Can I just buy and submit an FBI Identity History Summary Check, even though the application only mentions California, Arizona, or Ohio for this option? Did I miss a note saying I don't have to submit an CHRC if you meet so-and-so conditions?

    I would be eternally grateful for anyone's help. I feel like I'm at my wit's end. There has to be one other nurse in New Jersey who's gone through this process.
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    Welcome....hope this info helps completing PA Endorsement
    ​Endorsement Applications are for individuals holding a Nursing License in another State/Jurisdiction or Country applying for a Pennsylvania License &/or Temporary Practice Permit. Step 1 : PRINT and READ the following instructions -Online Application Instructions (PDF)
    Provide a Criminal History Records Check (CHRC) from the state police or other state agency for every state in which you have lived, worked, or completed professional training/studies for the past ten (10) years. The report(s) must be dated within 90 days of the date the application is submitted. For applicants living, working, or completing training/studies in Pennsylvania, your CHRC request will be automatically submitted to the Pennsylvania State Police upon submission of this application. The PATCH fee will be included at checkout. Your PA CHRC will be sent directly to the Board/Commission. You will be notified if additional action is required.
    For individuals living, working, or completing training/studies outside of Pennsylvania during the past ten (10) years, in lieu of obtaining individual state background checks, you may elect to provide BOTH a state CHRC from the state in which you currently reside, AND your FBI Identity History Summary Check, available at https://www.fbi.gov/services/cjis/id...summary-checks
    Step 2: Complete the Online Application - Apply Online
    NJ Criminal History Records Information
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  4. by   TheAnonOne
    Sorry for the late reply, but thanks for the tip! I've tried filling out another form and a couple weeks later, I've just received a short one-page letter saying I have no record. Hopefully, it will be enough to photocopy and send it along. If not, I guess that's another $40 down the drain.
  5. by   janus
    Hi the anonone RN. I am also on the same boat with you , I was on identogo office when the opfficer told me that personal use could be rejected possibly by the BON so my puzzling pattern with that of you. i am on the brink of losing hope as I dont know how to execute exactlt the chrc what they are telling of I read many times this chrc fbi patterns and its so vague.
  6. by   TheAnonOne
    Don't give up! I was able to get by with scheduling an Identogo appointment using Form A, as suggested by NRSKarenRN. I might advise Form B though, since it's actually notarized and practically the same price. It might increase the chance of being accepted, in case mine was a fluke.

    So far though, I have experienced no issues with photocopying and uploading the results of Form A. My only complaints are in how long it took to receive my background check and for the Pennsylvania Board of Nursing to process my application.

    For any other out-of-state nurses, you don't have to submit a Pennsylvania background check, unless you have lived or worked there within the last ten years. I only had to file for one in New Jersey, and I didn't need to supplement it with the FBI Identity History Summary Check.
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  7. by   janus
    hi so you mean I dont need to submit a background check since I dont live in pennsylvania ? I just came here in the USA by may 2018 live in california for a month then by jul 2018 I transferreed in texas waiting for the PA lice endorsement . I am stuck with a background check since in the account registration information of licensing (pals bon account)requires us to upload a documents (mandatory-state or jurisdiction)is it fr a fbi history check ? I hope you can confirm to me that i dont need to get a background check since im less than 90 days here in the USa upon my arrival and never lived in PA . thanks odelonabadier at yahoo dot com.
  8. by   000rn555
    Hi!! I am in the process of getting my RN Pa license through endorsement and have the same questions about the chrc! Did you just upload the picture of form a from identogo? Because the i used form a and all they wrote on it was my PCN number and then i took a picture of it and uploaded it to the application. Is that what you ended up doing? did you have luck with that? Such a stressful process
  9. by   TheAnonOne
    @janus: Late reply again, but if you haven't lived or worked in Pennsylvania before, you don't need to submit a background check for Pennsylvania. However, you do have to submit a background check for every state you've lived or worked in for the past ten years. Since you have lived in Texas (even if it's only briefly), you do have to submit a background check for that state. California is one of the states that supposedly can't send a background check to the PA BON, so you have to submit an FBI Identity History Summary Check as additional documentation.

    @000rn555: Are you talking about submitting Form A to the PA BON or scanning the receipt that Identogo may have given you after your fingerprints have been scanned? Both are not what you need to submit. The form can only be used to schedule a fingerprinting appointment with Identigo. The receipt is for your personal records. A letter, stating your criminal background history, should be delivered to you a couple weeks after your fingerprints have been scanned. You need to photocopy and upload that letter.

    I've had such a terrible experience with getting a hold of any assistance, so I truly do empathize with you both.
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