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Anyone else out there been hearing this crap from other people? I am surprised, I admit, to find out how many people (at least where I work and went to school) look down on neonatal nurses as not... Read More

  1. by   AlexandraRN
    I hear the same thing about psyche nurses, that we are not real nurses. It is a very difficult and stressful job. Also it can be scary and dangerous. The same people who say we arent the real thing dont hesitate to call a code for us to come and help when they have a patient out of control!!!!!! We have helped other units out with some very scary situations. As far as night shift goes( i work nights as well ) I have heard for years upon years that the night shift doesnt do much. Of course it isnt true. There arent many nights I even get to glance through a magazine!!! Also if we dont get all the mountains of paperwork and admissions finished, day shift has a fit. They dont want to come in and have anything left over from our shift. We do get admissions on nights. It is alot more challenging trying to do all the admissions with half the staff that day shift has. We dont always have a secretary around( we call them HUC's) so as charge nurse I get stuck doing all the paperwork plus the admission of the pt as well. The night shift can be as busy as the day shift I dont care what anyone says!!!! Dont let anyone convince you any differently
  2. by   Twomunchkins_99
    thanks for the explanation!! I am a beginning nursing student and reading your post helped be able to read some of the "nursing lingo"!
  3. by   illya
    who started this s---t anyway? night shift people are lazy? nicu nures aren t real nurses? somebody has a inferiority complex. or is this all a joke?
  4. by   NICU_Nurse
    If you read the original post, you'd see that this is neither. ;>)
  5. by   ICUBecky

    don't listen to these know what you do.

    i get the same thing btw. our adult ICUs at my hospital. we have a neuro, med/surg, cardio surgical and cardiac ICU. well, i work in cardiac, and i have heard the other ICU nurses comment on how cardiac isn't a "real" ICU, and that we are incompetent nurses. yes...i agree that sometimes our pts. are less critical, but i have seen many times that their condition can change in a heartbeat (excuse the pun). there are many times that we have pts. from the other services, called "boarders", b/c we have a big unit with adequate staffing. well..if one of their pts. goes bad, we are the ones blamed, because to them we don't know what we are doing!! i can see this attitude coming from doctors (because they don't want to take the blame for not answering our calls and our pleas to see their pt), but from nurses...come on! everytime i float to one of these other units, i find myself defending my unit half the night!!

    and NICU nurses not being real nurses....paallleeeaaase! (didn't they watch the NICU episode of Oprah?...that definitely opened my eyes). and some day shifters need to get off their high horses. b/c if us night shifters didn't want to work those tough nights...they would have to work them! so don't piss us off!!

  6. by   NicuGal
    Oh, been there, heard that! That is why we get people that transfer in to us and then transfer back out after being off orientation for about 2 weeks. Sure, there are nights when we are laid back and just have feeders and we do get to chat, but those days and nights are far and in between. Our night shift is quieter, but they are all busy. I love it best when I have 3 kids, two ventilated, one being an oscillator and on drips and then my good little feeder goes down the tubes. Yup...and they say I sit on my duff and don't do real nursing

    Sometimes I think we should shadow someone on another floor before we make comments like "they aren't real nurses"
  7. by   gretnao
    Having worked all nursing shifts, I can sure say that night duty nurses are not lazy and they DO work. Sometimes they have to work even harder than the day staff, as they have fewer staff. Anyone who thinks that night duty is sitting around drinking coffee and relaxing, should do a few shifts in a while.

    Cheers from down under.
  8. by   nrw350
    What is the best thing about being a night-shifter?

  9. by   Momma_Penguin
    The BEST thing about being a night shifter is ....after I count the narcs w/ the day light goddess.... I GET TO LEAVE!!!!
    And it is amazing that even w/ all the nurses w/ RN & LPN after their names... there are things my ADON or DON wants me to do b/c they know it will 1. get done ... and 2. get done the right way. Everyone on our 11 to 7 shift makes a joke out of it. We are the 1 st ones to say.......yep it's time to make the coffee and put our feet up for 8 hrs. Oh yeah.....and our supervisor doesn't do nuttin either!!! ( More than some do in 2 days of work)
    You just gotta let it roll off your back hun. It makes you feel esp good when another shift has to work your shift.... and they leave exhausted in the morning. They never knew we actually did tx's and assessments on the patients! I kinda get an evil little smile when they find out no one ever really sleeps all nite!!! Laura LPN
  10. by   Momma_Penguin
    NICU Nurses aren't "REAL" nurses?????? OMG obviously they have never spent time w/ a sick baby let alone a critically ill baby!!! I applaude you and the work you do!! Don't let anyone make you feel diff......I bet all the Moms & Dads of the babies you care of would also have a comment for that person(s). Bless you for taking care of the little ones!!!!!! Huggsssssssssss :angel2: :angel2: Laura LPN
  11. by   Momma_Penguin
    Originally posted by thisnurse
    well gee folks where i work et night we alls sits arownd skratchin owr bellies and eatin vittiles and drinkin joe. iffin de ER kawls and sez we are fixin to git an admission we justs tells em to hold dem on down dere until de break of day.
    weuns night nurses dont do nuthin moren we have to. thats why i reckon we works at nights
    I couldn't sez it any better meself...... itz dem vittles.... I have a feelin yuns r one fine bunch of nursez.......:chuckle :chuckle

    Laura "hillbilly" LPN
  12. by   h2ogoddess
    I worked nights for about 5years as a CNA. Everyone thinks these dear, sweet folks sleep all night! I can tell you many, many nights I fed them walked them, played cards with them, held their hands and cried with them, along with usual nursing care and the CLEANING Duties. Have even taken them outside for a walk, or just because they were confused about whatever and the outside time would sometimes help. And if we had potluck, who ever was up, also had potluck.
  13. by   eldernurse
    Alright, a noise from someone who has done it all. My short experience with NICU showed me that bagging and tagging a baby is not a job for some lazy, good for nothing nurse. It takes skill, humanity, strength and compassion (not to mention a h--- of a lot of knowledge) to take care of these wee people.
    Then there is the night thing. What do you call work? On nights we have very little physician back-up. You better know your sh-- or people could DIE. That pertains to Med-Surg, Cardiac Step Down and ICU. Not to mention the fact that they expect you to provide night cleaning, massive paperwork distribution, along with taking care of more patients than on a normal daylight shift.
    Now, I work in the ED. It is the hardest physical labor of any other job I have done. But, there is always someone around to help you with situations and there is ALWAYS a doc around.
    I can honestly say that in all the jobs (and I forgot Oncology, which is another area of high-end learning to properly do your job), I have worked very hard. And I have all the respect in the world for the people I have left behind. Day shift, night shift, any unit I can imagine, WE ALL WORK LIKE DOGS!!!!!!
    Let's stick together to make this a better profession and quit being the catty bitc--s that we know we can be.