Night Shift Nurse...I Can't Sleep at Night anymore.. - page 3

:roll :roll I have been working nights for about six months now...actually i really like it...the pay is better, i have no problem sleeping during the day or staying up at night...the problem is my... Read More

  1. by   BuffaloLPN
    I know posting has stopped on this but I am AWAKE and can relate---

    Do you ever feel like the pressure of "I should be sleeping right now" is what keeps you awake?

    I finally said screw it- I will sleep whenever, and it helps. If I play computer all night and sleep my whole day off-OH WELL. If we have mac and cheese for dinner 4 nights a week b/c I was sleeping and didn't have time before work-OH WELL. THANK GOODNESS my hubby loves hamburger helper and a happy wife!
  2. by   sjoe
    "You're asking your body to do horrible things by forcing it to sleep all night one night and stay awake the next."

    And that is what your body is telling you.