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  1. by   queenjean
    I would third the recommendation of doggie day care or a friend letting them in and out.

    When my kids and hubby aren't available to help, I usually pay one of my kids' friends a small amount to come and let her in and out once or twice during the day. When I was working a huge string of days, I also paid them to walk her once.

    I would take her for a quick walk in the am when I got home from work, before bed.

    I usually paid the kid (11yo) 5$ a day to come to let her out into the yard at about noon . Depending on weather, she could leave her out or let her back in after she used the facilities (if it looked like rain--my dog is scared of thunder).

    I would let her out and take her foranother quick walk in the afternoon. I would usually leave her out at this point.

    Then the kid would come back and let her in at around 9 pm. Then she would sleep all night until I get home.

    Our dog is a pretty big dog with a secure outdoor area. She is not crate trained, but it used to our strange schedules. We do have a cat with whom she is quite close, and they keep each other company and play together. I would definitely advise having a friend for the dog--that's alot of time alone with no one to play with otherwise.

    Also, on the days that I'm not working, I try to get in a loooooooong walk and a lot of play and cuddle time.
  2. by   walk6miles
    I have always worked nights - and have always had plenty (that's all I will say) of rescued dogs. My dogs stay in a "dog room" (large play room with tiled floor). They sleep with me during the day when I have to sleep.....

    They RARELY make a mess but if they do, it's on a towel in a corner of their room.

    I would try the doggie litter box .. I may just try it to see if they would use that instead of a towel.

    Crating a dog is a good thing -- it makes them feel secure. I rarely use crating unless it's a new dog to the pack.
  3. by   Spidey's mom
    We have a large kennel outside and our dog spends every night there anyway. So I wouldn't have a problem.