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I am having some serious issues regarding balancing night shift and family. I have worked nights a few times before, but never longer than 1.5 years. Currently, I am going on 2+ years of nights with... Read More

  1. by   jannrn
    Kate, your situation sounds so much like mine!! we moved to a new state for a new job for DH, it is very busy for him, he has even had to travel a couple times making it difficult to find child care at night, and the hospital is very small and when there are only 4 regular night shift people, how do you get that time off! I have 3 boys and I can really relate!

    we did splurge on a house keeping service every 2 weeks and it helps, but it sure doesn't stay clean long! at least we have a moment of sanity twice a month. it is just a pain to pick up before they come (almost as much work if we didn't maintain well for two weeks in between) email me if you want to share gripes, ideas etc.
  2. by   IMustBeCrazy
    I would go stay at a family members home for a few days or cheap hotel. Write a note stating: ON STRIKE. WILL RETURN WHEN HOUSE IS PICKED UP.
  3. by   rach_nc_03
    my sister once had a similar problem with her husband and kids (16 and 12 at the time, I believe). Can't remember exactly why it started, but she'd gone back to work after quasi-retiring from one career for a few years.

    What she did was harsh, but it worked. She would buy the necessary items- food, laundry detergent, vacuum cleaner bags, paper towels- but she cooked meals for herself and did her own laundry- the kids and husband were on their own. She said the new rule was 'fend for yourself'. If they wouldn't help her by picking up after themselves, she wouldn't help by doing all the housekeeping chores she handled.

    There was uncomplicated food they could make on their own, and laundry doesn't require an advanced degree. The kids got the point after running out of clean clothes (especially the teenage daughter). I think her husband ran out of socks and got hungry enough to get on the stick.

    I think it only took 3 or 4 days for things to change. When they start getting messy these days, she asks if they'd like to fend for themselves again- everyone always declines.
  4. by   Tweety
    Quote from kate1114
    BTW, DH has gotten to be a LOT more self-centered over the years in law school. I don't see that changing in the future, so that might be another "come to Jesus" moment (Tweety, are you from Texas? I used to hear that phrase a whole lot LOL)


    Actually I was born in Texas but have lived primarily in the southeast, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida.

    Good luck with everything. Sometimes we all need a "come to Jesus" reality check.