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  1. Hi all...just a few questions for anyone who knows about pacemakers...I work long term care and have seen them on several of our residents, but low and behold, after passing out several times and having numerous tests run, I was diagnosed with sick sinus syndrome...went in for ablation and woke up with pacemaker (knew it was possible) Have to be off work for 1 month, which I can't afford, bled a LOT in recovery room so my whole left side is purple and I have a lovely hematoma at my pacer will have to go back into hospital to have it common is this??? I do feel a lot better now, not as tired as before, but these complications have me worried...I was going to post this on the cardiac forum, but thought I'd try it here first..anybody out there got a minute to reply??? Something very scary about you heart running on batteries for the rest of your life...Thanks
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  3. by   suzanne4
    There are many people with pacemakers, including children. Sorry that you had the post-op bleeding. The reason for you being off work for a month is to let the pocket, where they placed the pacemaker, heal well. As we all know, any surgical or invasive procedure can and does have its complications.
    They don't happen everyday, but they do occur........................sorry that it had to be you.
  4. by   dianah
    Who will be draining the hematoma? Your MD or the cardiologist? It should feel better after that fluid is out.
    I assume you're not pacemaker-dependent, that it'll just kick in occasionally, correct? Battery should last awhile (7+ yr). You should have received a booklet about the pacer from the vendor, and a temporary card to carry with you (permanent card will be mailed to you). I'm glad you're feeling better, energy-wise. As suzanne4 stated, it's good you're off for a month, for the pocket and the lead's sake. We instruct our pts to keep the affected arm below the shoulder, and not lift anything for 1 - 2 wk post implant, to prevent lead displacement.
    I don't quite know if you had any specific questions, ones that hadn't been answered by the vendor rep or your cardiologist or the Cath Lab staff. Hope the only outcome of all this is that you feel better. -- Diana