new nursing student needs help

  1. i will be starting school in december i am not eligible for financial aid does anyone know any other type of funding i could try to get to help pay for schooling other wise my husband and i will be paying for it out of our own pocket any information is appreciated
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  3. by   CHATSDALE
    check with school they have trained personnel that can help you there are loans and scholarships that are not dependent on financial need
    go on line and search out different avenues..there are opportunities out there some times you have to dig for them
  4. by   zandra
    look into hospitals that are looking to pay for you schooling but in return,you work for them for few years,but be aware, and read contract carefully know what are the terms and conditions
  5. by   TazziRN
    Check into scholarships offered by the school and by local hospitals. The service league at the hospital where our clinicals were done gave out a handful of scholarships per semester. Even though I did not qualify for aid I got one each semester. It basically paid for all of my books, which was a big help.

    What about a student loan?
  6. by   jandb917
    i am not eligible for student loans either
  7. by   WindyhillBSN
    Have you tried alternative loans usually the major banks have info. on them.
  8. by   jandb917
    Quote from WindyHill
    Have you tried alternative loans usually the major banks have info. on them.
    i cant get any student loans because my exhusband was order to pay one we had in a divorce and didnt so it went into default which the loan is now about 18 years old that is why i am not eligible