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Over the last couple of years I have noticed increasing numbers of nursing graduates who are unable to do nursing procedures. Please let me know your opinions on this situation. Do you let the... Read More

  1. by   fergus51
    My school was terrible during clinicals. We had to be supervised by an instructor (not a staff RN) the first few times we did something. And we could not perform a skill on a patient that wasn't ours. Being that the instructors made up our assignments, it was really difficult to get all the skills you wanted to. Also on our practicum in 2nd year there was 1 instructor, sometimes 2, for 30 students. It was ridiculous. Assertiveness had nothing to do with it, we just had to wait our turn with the instructor and couldn't do anything on our own without permission.
  2. by   Pam RN
    I graduated in 1997 from a BSN program and felt completely unprepared. I started one IV and put in one foley my whole clinical time. My worst rotation was in Peds where the nurses were absolute witches. I would go to them and specifically ask if I could help them with anything and they just looked at me like I had told them to f--- off. They completely ignored me and my fellow students. It was pathetic. I also spent alot of time writing about unimportant s#&*. If there was one thing that would have made me fail that program it would have been the management class and nursing research. The two women who taught those courses were the only ones with doctorates in nursing and the only ones that could not relate to the students. So, the mentality is: it's more important to read a nursing journal than do basic patient care.