New nurse with dilema!!! Help

  1. Hi, Everybody. I'm new to this site. A little about me. I passed my boards in July and have been looking for a job ever since. I finally accepted a job at a hospital last week. Supposed to start at the end of Sept. But my dilema is that I'm 5 months pregnant and haven't told my new employer. Should I?? I definately don't want the pregnancy to be some type of detourant for me not getting hired. I really would like to start working as soon as possible. I need some advise. Please help. Before I sign on the dotted line.
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  3. by   Epona
    I would be up-front with your employer. They will find out sooner or later anyway. Either way.. they will find out. If you don't tell them right now, that is fine, BUT I would tell them at some point when you start. Good luck!
  4. by   Tweety
    Congrats on passing boards, on your new job, and the pregnancy. Lots of stress eh?

    At that advanced stage of pregnancy how long to do you think you can hide it?

    It's going to look very dishonest if you wait too long. Let them know during your orientation at least.

    Good luck.

    I moved your post to the Genearl Nursing section so you'll give more views and perhaps more advice, which I'm sure is going to be varied.

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  5. by   GatorRN
    :yeahthat: A pregnancy isn't really something you can hide any way you look at it. Congrats on passing your boards!
  6. by   maryloufu
    I was 5 months pregnant when I interviewed- the two ladies who intervied before me were pregnant and in my nursing class. We all got hired.
  7. by   Jolie
    You have no legal obligation to inform your employer of your pregnancy, but you are also not going to be able to keep it private much longer

    Your employer can't rescind your offer of employment due to your pregnancy, as that would amount to discrimination.

    Perhaps it would be a good idea to meet with your doctor prior to your first day of work and find out if there are any restrictions on your practice such as lifting, exposure to infectious patients, etc. Then you can meet with your nurse manager and let her know of your situation.

    I imagine that you would be completing orientation around the time of your due date. How long do you plan to take off of work after the baby is born? Since you will not qualify for Family and Medical Leave Act protection, you need to work out a plan in writing with your manager prior to stopping work. Do you have medical insurance coverage from a source other than your new job?

    Best of luck to you! Such an exciting time!
  8. by   angie2579
    Thank you everybody, for you advice. I really appreciate it and I think I know what to do now. I do have 4 more months of pregnancy and so far everything has been a ok. I feel fine and energetic. I know I don't qualify for disablility at the time of my leave. But that's ok. I 've been saving up money and my husband has a great job. I do have other medical insurance so on that end I'm covered. I'm just eager to start working and get the experience before I forget everything I learned in nursing school.