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    I posted a few weeks about having some trouble with the IL BON regarding my license by endorsement (from CA). I finished my class training at work and have been on hold (not working) while I wait for this license which has taken 4 months. They finally called me back today after I asked for the supervisor. She told me that they are REJECTING my application because I attended an accelerated masters program that doesn't confer an actual RN degree (bc you go right into the master's program). I transferred to a better school in IL to finish my master's after completing the RN portion and passing the NCLEX in CA. The part that upsets me the most is that my classmate in nursing school with the same exact education (we transferred and moved here together to finish our masters degrees) received her IL license in July and has been a nurse here ever since. I pointed out the fact that they have accelerated programs here in IL that are almost exactly the same as mine and that my friend has her license, but the supervisor refused to listen to my reasoning or questions.

    Short of packing my bags and moving back home to CA, what can I do? I decided to go back to school and become a nurse because I really wanted a job where I could help people and be proud of what I do. Now, I feel so sad and disappointed and UNWANTED (at least in IL). Sniffle I've already contacted the dean at my current and previous nursing schools but I'm not sure that there's anything they can do. Plus I just feel like a burden bringing my problems to them.

    (And if anyone was wondering, I have NOTHING else flagged on my application. The worst crime I've ever committed was the one speeding ticket I got 5 years ago.)
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  3. by   GingerSue
    wonder why the mystery about your registration, as you describe that your classmate has the exact education and they permitted her to register?

    and you've passed the NCLEX
  4. by   traumaRUs
    I live in IL also and when I moved from IN the licensing stuff was very long and arduous. Do you live closer to Springfield or Chicago? I would make an in-person appt with the review board or whoever has the final say on educational requirements. Bring all you transcripts (including clinical times) and have a meeting and have them explain to you why some folks are licensed with the same education and you were denied.

    Hope this helps. We need nurses in IL.