New LVN, HH just hired me, salary ?

  1. Hi everyone!! I am a new LVN in Ft. Worth, TX and just got hired with a HH agency. I will be paid 17.00 per hr (not per visit pay) with about 6 pts a day. Job is 40hrs/ week, 40cents per mile (not traveling to 1st pt, or leaving last pt.) I don't have to work 40 hrs as long as I see all my pts, but if I want to get my 40 hrs, I can come into the office to finish up my paperwork, etc. It is pretty flexible. I can arrange my pt's to mine and thier schedule, the HH co. doesnt care as long as I am not working past 6pm or so. I have weekinds off, 1 week a month on-call. My area is close to my home so I won't be driving too incredibly far. Is this fair pay for this job in FW and me having no prior exp.? I am just curious because I was expecting a little more per hr. Maybe because I was thinking of per visit pay.
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  3. by   TazziRN
    i don't know about the pay but everything else sounds fair. that's the same way i work but i do a lot of overtime as a case manager.

    check out the mileage going to your first pt if it's more than 10 miles away, some will pay you for anything over 10 miles. and if you're leaving the last pt and going to the office, you should be paid that mileage.

    one way to get around the mileage to the first pt: go to the office first. because you'll be on the clock if you're doing something in the office, you would be paid to the first pt. most nurses i work with do this.
  4. by   leslymill
    What about overtime?
    You need to calculate exactly how many hours you are working. As an RN, when I did HH, it was a 24/7 job. A good plus about this job is you don't have to travel far and HH is far more desireable on your well being to hospital nursing. I would use a USED car even if your not driving far. HH is not for a new car, it is for a reliable old car.