New job jitters, have you had them?

  1. Today, I start a new job. While I know the training program the facility has is excellent, I still feel like a little girl going to the principals office. While I am excited, I am worried I will automatically get on the wrong side of people there. I know there are always people who "run" the place, and new people can be their targets easily without knowing it for quite a while.

    How does one spot these people, and stay out of their way? All I want to do is learn my job and do it well. Any advice you can give, I will be grateful.
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  3. by   PJMommy
    Best advice? Use your ears and eyes more than your mouth. It's hard to be a target when you listen & learn. I know the very few who have been targets at my facility are those who walk in and act like they know more than everyone around them...and won't shut up with their constant opinions, commentary, and criticisms. They refuse to think they might actually learn something from the staff they work with.
  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Be a sponge while starting will learn a lot and know what to do then.
  5. by   barefootlady
    Take notes, watch, listen, and question. Don't volunteer much personal info, be nice to everyone, say hello to everyone, but do not GOSSIP.
    Very soon you will know who is a good nurse that can teach you some things, and the ones you want to smile at, but give a wide loop. Be ready to help if you can and be ready to say, I need to be shown how, do not take every negative comment personal, but before long you will know who is "picking" on you and let them know you are no easy target.
    I hope this helps. I always get nervous before a new job. No matter how long we are a nurse, we can still learn something if we try. That is one thing that makes nursing so great. Good luck.