New job for older nurse?

  1. Hi everybody,
    I guess I need some encouragement or advice.
    I'm 62, have been an RN for 21 years, and need a new job. My current one, in home health, doesn't pay enough to support my family as it's Medicare funded. While I love the children I care for, I can't afford to continue as is, and I'm also a little frustrated because it's a lot like babysitting, even though the children both have trachs.
    I've applied for several jobs in clinics but no dice. I suspect they think I may retire soon, though I need to work another ten or so years until my youngest daughter is at least in college. (She's ten -- and adopted, in case you're wondering.)
    I'm applying next week to a community hospital that has accepted my application and says they have some positions opening up, but am nervous about my chances. I worked in a hospital 14 years and am still fairly energetic, but am not the bundle of energy that a new grad is. Still because of pay scales they'll have to pay me a lot more than a grad, which hurts my chances too.
    I live in Washington, and there's said to be a 2,000 nurse shortage in the area, but it must all be in nursing homes because I don't see much evidence of it.
    I'm grateful for any advice or suggestions.
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  3. by   Blackcat99
    Yes the jobs are at the nursing homes here in Washington. However, I was told that most nursing homes don't pay extra for experienced nurses. A new grad RN told me that she is making the same wages as the RN who has over 20 years experience!!! She said all the RN's make the same wages where she works. Good luck with your job search.:spin:
  4. by   allantiques4me
    How about school nurse?I happen to work in a residential center for children with behavoiral issues.Im 44 now but hope to be here when Im older.Most of the time its low stress.Busy in a nice pace.Good luck
  5. by   outcomesfirst
    You don't say where you are in WA. Have you considered Insurance? Research? Software? System development? Consulting? I know microsoft is diligently searching for experienced clinical nurses to help them develop software for health/life sciences. If you are able, approach these jobs with an open mind (Think I can do this, I can learn, be excited and interested) and sell yourself on maturity, clinical expertise, multisystem task mangement and problem solving. Get an outfit that says I am current, I keep up, but I am comfortable and classic (no jeans and stilletos!) Smile, but do not pander, ask about the interviewer and the company culture. Go on lots of interviews. Prep yourself with colorful ancedotes that highlight problem solving, discovery and relationship building. Good luck!
  6. by   bb333
    I to am a 62 year old nurse looking for a change in practice. I have worked in the OR off an on for the last thirty years and would like something less physical but also challenging to transition to. Any ideas?
  7. by   oliah
    I have a current New York State RN license and registration with all mandatory CE up-to-date. I have 2 years of actual nursing experience. One year physician's office and one year pediatric nursing. This was in 1979-80. I left nursing because I could not detach myself from my peds patients.....always brought it home. I returned to school completed a degree in Business Administration & IT. Worked in the business/technical world for approx. 17 years. I have outstanding written, verbal and computer skills. Excel in organization and prioritization of tasks. Love to interface with people. My current job is being best-shored to India. I am thinking of returning to nursing. I cannot do shift work because of a complicated home situation. Where do I start......I am definitely thinking of taking a refresher course. But outside of that......where should I look for a position that would be a stepping stone to ease back into nursing, so that I am not overwhelmed? Is there something that I could do in the Nursing field, where I could utilize my current communication and computer skills (I do not code, so informatics would not be a choice)? I was also considering utilization reviews, medical coding and insurance claim processing? What do you think of those options? Is there a specific specialty that's very much in demand, that I should persue......via extra training or courses? Thank you for any help you can provide.