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    Im new to this site and currently going back to college to get my prerequistes done so I can enter the Nursing program within a year. I was wondering if I could get some advice from anyone who has been a nurse for a long time. How would they describe their jobs what their daily routines are and such. I've never been a CNA or a Volunteer at a hospital so Im not quite for sure what a nurse actally does (other than the bland explanations they give you in the occupational outlook handbook).

    Only experience I have is dealing with a sick parent who has heart disease and a family history of cancer. I guess I just want to see what a day in a life of a nurse is like because I know its not explained in books.
    Also, did anyone ever have trouble figureing out what field of work they wanted to go into?

    Thanks for all your help!
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    Shamrock I have been in home health for 11 years so I probably would not be able to give you what your looking for. If you would like an idea of a home health RN please post and I would be glad to share.....

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    Anything at all would be helpful since I haven't entered the nursing program yet it would give me an idea of what other fields are out there. It will give me a basis of what I might want to do after I get done with the program. Thanks renerian.
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    As for a day in the life of a nurse . . .
    There isn't that much room to say it all.
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    LOL you can break it up into many different post! I don't mind lol
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    hello and welcome!
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    welcome lilshamrock, glad to have you aboard. I've been a nurese for going on 28yrs, last 20 in the ER. Feel free to pm me with any questions.
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    The day in the life of an RN depends greatly on what area of nursing the RN is working in. What I do on a daily basis in Labor and Delivery is different from what an ER nurse does.
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    I have done home health for 11 years. My typical day is evaluating the planned visit schedule for the day. I usually planned the night before, called all my clients that night to be sure that time was good. If I was paged in the night or have to admit clients I put them on top of the list. I usually see six to seven clients per day. A visit takes usually 30 to 60 minutes. Travel time in the Columbus area is about that between each client. Our service area was 7 counties so it was not uncommon to sometimes have an hour and a half or more between clients. WE did all the same things you did in the hospital, new meds, IV, lots of educations, Gtubes, lots of wound care, lots of blood draws. Would need to stop in the office every day to make calls to the docs, drop off paperwork or pick up admit packs and new client information. I was on call some weeks 24/7. The pay was around 75 cents an hour. If I was in a supervisor capacity the call was unpaid. DRiving in the winter was a huge challenge which doubled travel time. It was not uncommon for me to work 10 to 12 hour days sometimes three to four weeks straight as we were short nurses. I loved home health.

    Does that help?

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    yeah it does thanks would you consider home health care better than working in a hospital or dr's office?