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  1. I'm a new grad RN and I am trying to pass my first interview. Any advice?

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  3. by   April, RN
    If you use the search function at the top of the page, there are a bunch of good threads on here about interviews. The threads about common interview questions that managers ask and how to answer them are especially good. Definitely prepare yourself with answers to some of those questions. Have a friend ask you them so you can practice answering them. Dress professionally. Have a professional looking hard copy of your resume with a list of references (instructors, employers). Be calm, be yourself, and good luck!
  4. by   cardiospec
    I have 2 interviews on Tuesday and have not interviewed yet as a nurse. Any suggestions as to what to brush up on? I have also heard that during the interview they might ask you questions about patient scenerios and what you would do. heartbeat:heartbeat
  5. by   RedhairedNurse
    Have some short and long term goals in mind. They will ask you that. examples......I plan on pursing my BSN and have my masters by the year 2014. Or I plan on working medsurg to gain experience and study to be an CRNA by the year 2015.

    Possible questions on patient scenarios won't be too bad. If you can get thru nursing school, you can answer these questions. Just be very confident and ask questions. Some people are afraid to ask, but managers actually worry about employees that don't ask questions.

    Good luck
  6. by   April, RN
    It is good to have thought out goals, but use caution when responding to those questions. My advice is to be vague and not to be too specific about years. Letting a manager know that you plan to leave in a few years during your interview might turn some managers off, leading them to hire someone who seems more vested in the unit instead.
  7. by   RNMariposa
    Go out and buy the book "60 Seconds and You're Hired!" by Robin Ryan. I found it to be the best book. It has tough interview questions and provides insight on how to answer tham in a better way. It also provides some questions you may want to ask your interviewer.

    The next thing is to go through all of the tough questions and write out your answers. Then have someone practise with you by pretending to be the interviewer and you saying what you want to say for each question.

    The more you practise the more relaxed you will be the day of your interview.

    The book really helped me as I just had an interview Friday and was asked that same day to come on per diem.

    So Good Luck to you!