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Can anyone help me establish what the current grad rates are for various states/provinces? I would really appreciate it- any other input would be great too- such as how wage increases are handled.... Read More

  1. by   bronzAngel
    Kansas City, Missouri Pediatrics Hospital: 14.92/hr + 15% diff, options.
  2. by   Miss Saigon
    I work in NY I have been an RN for 3 years and was started at my current job at $14.35/hr plus $1.25hr for night shift, $3.50 extra an hour for nights on the weekends.

    Sounds like everybody out there should stay away form working in NY

  3. by   sharann
    So California, Los Angeles area (20 miles or so). I started at $15.60 and hr + time and 1/2 for last 4 hrs= $18.50/hr. Noc shift gets me $3.25 more/hr.

    I guess the total is about 21 dollars/hr.

    p.s: This is the RN rate. At my hospital, the LVN's make more than the new grad RN's. Our hosp is way under others I hear,but not too far off others.
  4. by   cathalenem
    I am a new grad in Wa state in a rural hospital and get 15.75 hr. There is a 2 dollar an hour differential for nights and 1.50 extra for weekends.Our cost of living is low here. Over on the western side of the state they make almost double what we do, but I wouldn't trade my job for anything. Money is nothing if you don't like your work and you're stressed and overworked as I hear that's how it is in the biggger hositals and in the city, plus you have to consider the time and stress involved if you're commuting.
  5. by   Michelle_nurse
    I am in Quebec, it's the worst here!!
    New grads start at around $16 something an hour, plus premimums for shifts depending on where you work and there is only a 12 year salary echelon.
    I work in a federal owned hospital, I am a nurses's aid and I make $18.73 an hour, plus about $2 more an hour for evenings or nights and another $2 for weekends. I also get $800 a year for passing a french test and being "billingual". The pension plan and working conditions are also a lot better than in the "provincial" owned hospitals.
    So any of you Canadian nurses, esp. Qc and Ont.....since our pay is so bad...try to get into the federal hospitals..."Veteran's Affairs".

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  6. by   Michelle_nurse
    Sorry I forgot to add....

    I am graduating and a nurse without his/her license in my "federal" hospital makes starting $44 000. $49 000 upon licensure. Not bad, compared to the usual Quebec RN salary.
  7. by   nar-S
    you think that's worst michell??? a co-worker of mine told me that in the philippines,her salary was only 6,000 pesos. that's roughly between $120-$125 A MONTH!!! and she's as good and competent, even better with patients, as anybody else.
  8. by   mcg02
    In Atlanta, at the Shepehrd Hospital which is for people that hav ehad bad injuries and need rehab, startign pay is $16.11, the website is

    check it out!!!!!!!!!
  9. by   mcg02
    In Atlanta, at the Shepehrd Hospital which is for people that have had bad injuries and need rehab, starting pay is $16.11, the website is

    check it out!!!!!!!!!
  10. by   leeriza
    I am from Canada too and the best place for you to look is from Medhunters. The jobs are shown with their rates locally or internationally. As for now, the highest nurses pay is in Ontario then Alberta. If you are planning to work here in Canada, don't go to Manitoba or Newfoundland. They have the lowest pay.
  11. by   Gomer
    In Los Angeles area NG starting rate ranges from $22-$27/hr with most hospitals adding night & weekend diff. Also, since these are 12-hour shifts you get time and a half for the last 4-hours. Also, sign-on and relocation bonus are usually offered.

    Remember, hourly rate isn't the only thing to look at. Check out the benefits, especially health insurance and time-off plans. UCLA is very generous in their time-off and benefit plans, but the parking is terrible and you have to join a union.
  12. by   SICU Queen
    Southern Louisiana (Slidell and the surrounding area)...

    approximately $17.00/hr. plus diffs
  13. by   BrandyBSN
    I will be starting May 28th in the Emergency Department.

    In Hannibal (Northeast), Missouri, I will start at 15.83/hour, plus noc and weekend difs, and fantastic benefits. I am pretty happy with it since the cost of living here is extremely low. I also get a 2,000 dollar sign on bonus (downpayment on my new car!), and I believe raises are 6% a year, plus merit bonuses for CEUs, Certifications, etc.

    BrandyBSN - 38 days till finals are over!!