New grad needing some input..........

  1. Hi everyone! This board has been such a great place for support for me during nursing school, graduation, NCLEX anxiety and now as a new nurse. So here I am with yet another question.

    Here's the situation; My husband is in the Air Force, we have been blessed enough to stay in one place for almost 5 years, but now we are facing a move. My question is; when we move I will have a total of 7 months experience in a cardiovascular ICU. Will I have a hard time finding a job? Will I be treated as a new graduate because I dont have that one year of experience? I have completed a critical care course and also will have ACLS under my belt.

    This is our first move since I have graduated (May 2002) and I am finding it really has a big affect on me. I want to be proactive!! So any thoughts would be much appreciated!!

    I have a friend in a similiar situation..she moved after 6 months of med/surg experience and 6 months of community health experience. It took her almost 2 months to find anything and she settled for a job she wasnt too excited about. She was treated as a new graduate and I dont want to go through the headache she has if I dont have to. Has anyone else been in this situation??

    Thank you so much in advance! I truly value the opinion of you each


    P.S. We will be moving to Colorado Springs..anyone have any info on the local hospitals??
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  3. by   nursecheryl
    With only 7 months experience you are still a new grad. But, most of the metropolitan hospitals need nurses and you shouldn't have a problem getting a good job. Try to get a job in critical care it is wonderful experience. I got a job in critical care right out of nursing school. Good luck. Go in with a positive attitude. Send out the resumees before you even leave. Make sure you know something about the hospital you are sending it to and why you want to work for their particular hospital.
  4. by   WashYaHands
    Colorado Springs has 2 major hospitals. One of the 2 hospitals has a network of 3 facilities. The city owned hospital is Memorial Hospital . They have both a CCU and Cardiac Step down unit. The other hospitals are Penrose Main and Penrose Community. Penrose Main has cardiac services as well. . If you have any other questions about the area, feel free to PM me. You shouldnt have any trouble finding a job in this area.

    Hope this helps,
  5. by   renerian
    Someone will grab your right up but you should still be treated as a new grad.............I would think.